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Our Services

Product Design / CAE:


  •    Meshing
  •   Design validation
  •    NVH
  •   Static and Dynamic analysis
  •   FEA of structural & thermal
  •   Transit vibrational analysis
  •   Fatigue calculation

General Engineering Service: :

  •    3D Design and Modelling
  •   Data Conversion (2D to 3D, 3D to 3D, 3D to 2D)
  •    Standard part library
  •   Structural design and analysis
  •   Reverse Engineering
  •   DFM/DFA
  •   Change management
  •   Manufacturing drawings

GD & T :

  •    GD&T as per standard ASME Y14.5
  •   Stack up analysis
  •    Tolerance management

BIW Design :

  •    Structural parts
  •   Closures

Trims Design :

  •    Interior trims
  •   Exterior trims

Reverse Engineering :

  •    Point cloud data generation
  •   Creating of surface model from given point cloud data
  •    Creation of 2D model and 2D drawing from surface models


CAD/CAM/CAE Product Design/Tool Design

Product Design/CAE
Our product design and development services include the entire product development lifecycle from concept design, preliminary design, CAE to detailed design and value engineering. Dhruti expertise in product design and development in domains like plastics, sheet metal, fabrications and composites is spread across the Automotive, Aerospace, Appliances and Hi-tech Industries.
Manufacturing Engineering
Our Manufacturing Engineering services include Design of Sheet metal dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Automation tooling and Managing die execution projects from tool design till SORP.
With technical experience across industry, we are acutely aware that our clients often need resources at very short notice and we are able to react quickly and cost effectively to this requirement.
Automotive Engineering
The engineering team at Dhruti has extensive experience in executing and managing various Automotive projects from product design to tool design and manufacturing. Dhruti provides end to end solutions to the customer right from the concept design to product launch including product validation. Our Design and Analysis process is always mindful of the cost, DFM, DFA and packaging constraints of any design.
Aero space Engineering
Aerospace industry is going through challenges which are multi faceted which includes the rise in the operating costs, reduction in the revenue per person in passenger segment. Stiff competition among great players has made the focus mainly on innovation and cost effectiveness.
General Engineering
Team at Dhruti Engineering have extensive skills in designing mechanical parts of any kind in day to day application from Heavy machinery, Medical equipment, Defence parts, Farm equipment, Telecom products, Electrical & Electronic Appliances, Locomotive, Food processing etc.,

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